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Here you will find mostly the music of two talented but blind musicians.  Yes they are totally blind, sort of like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. :-)
Their names  are "Yogan" and "Yamuna Jivana".

Yogan is a young man who once lived, just post teen-age, struggling to find meaning to life.  He is an X-Pop-idol from the first ever South African Idols of 2002.  He is a passionate musician, but at the same time sad and lonely, writing heart-felt "love songs" in his search for comfort and happiness in the world.  He is talented, able to churn his feelings into his music very profoundly, creating emotive and heart-rendering songs in his recording studio adapted for himself as a blind producer.

Yamuna Jivana is much more grounded, peaceful and happy.  He has found meaning to life through spirituality, as a Hare Krishna devotee, but only after years of struggle for meaning, and his songs reflect his deep inner peace and devotional mood.

Like Yogan, Yamuna Jivana is also totally blind, and he too produces his music in studio himself, using special studio equipment for his visual disability.

You see folks, these two musicians are actually one and the same person!  What was once Yogan, with his emotionally expressive tunes and lyrics, has gracefully evolved into the deep and destined artist known as Yamuna Jivana.  They are so different people, yet they are the same person. You will understand this when you hear their songs.

Yogan/Yamuna Jivana's studio, Gaura Records, has also recorded other artists over the years and continues to do so, and we sometimes might showcase these here as well, so stay tuned as we churn out music from the past and the present.

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