Who are these artists: Yamuna Jivana Dasa, and Yogan?

Yamuna Jivana Dasa is a composer and performer of devotional music, initiated into the world's most oldest tradition of devotion to God, handed down today through the International Society for Krishna Consciousness movement. He writes songs which unlock sacred teachings from the ancient Sanskrit language, vocalizing them in the English language to melodic arrangements and tunes.

"It's time to educate the masses through music about the importance of discovering the self through more meaningful music than the direction Music is heading today", he explains.

When you see him running around the studio, it will take some time to realize that he is in fact blind in both eyes, but doing everything in the studio with relative ease. Go to the "New Videos" link from the sidebar and watch the title "Introducing Gaura Records" to see for yourself how he operates a talking studio computer which allows him to use it without any eye sight.

he studied the deep and ancient wisdom of God consciousness, known as Krishna Consciousness through the ancient Vedic tradition, in a sacred disciplic succession going back many thousands of years old. Now, taking the hint from the founder of the Hare Krishna Tradition Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, he tries to deliver this deep knowledge to the modern world via the medium of music, often with these sacred teachings in the lyrics in the English language.

"My physical blindness should not stop me from finding the light inside, and neither should it stop you finding your self within either, just because you do have eye sight. We are all spirit souls trapped in limited and sometimes defective bodies, and when we transcend that limitation by discovering our actual self, part and parcel of the supreme Godhead, that is real wanted vision, and the perfection of human life", he explains.

Before finding his spiritual direction in life, back then known as Yogan, he wrote secular songs, which saw him become South Africa's Pop-Idols finalist in 2002, winning the Coca-cola Best New Band contest in 1995, and winning the Olsons 2000 singing contest in the late 80s.

"Oh and if you do write me a message from the Contact us link, or if you hook up with my Facebook account or join my Youtube channel, I will successfully communicate directly with you using that talking computer you saw in the video. So don't hesitate to keep in touch", he concludes.

Here are further links to follow up on Yamuna Jivana's personal life and other endeavours:

Listen to Yamuna Jivana Dasa, Mukunda Datta Dasa and others hosting the "Simple Living Higher Thinking" radio show. These are the early archives.

Watch Yamuna Jivana Dasa, his wife Kalindi Priya devi dasi, and their two children Narottama and Syamananda, on a South African television cultural and religious program broadcast, where they are showcasing:
A day in the life of a Hare Krishna home school

God responds to the same prayer from two souls across the world, and a simple miracle takes place. Read and watch the photos and read the life story of how Yamuna Jivana Dasa meets his wife Kalindi Priya devi dasi:
Lord Krishna's matrimonial miracle

Have you ever wondered about the molecular difference between ordinary sound and transcendental sound such as mantras and prayers?
Apparently scientific experiments were conducted on water, which shows some very interesting observations: that offered water looks very different from ordinary water under a microscopic molecular view.

Have you evern wondered about the extent to which plants, more particularly our sacred Tulasi, can reciprocate on a conscious level with our actions in this world?
These and other fascinating topics are the subject of video documentaries by my Godbrother Rathim Krishna Dasa, and we are excited to now host these as youtube videos at Gaura Records Audio, here at this link.

Note that this list of videos will grow and we will post updates as that happens.


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