Dear friends,

Why is it that sometimes after producing a song, releasing it to the public, and then listening to it years later, ideas for improving the song comes to mind: a better bass riff here; there should have been reverb on that balad tamborine that hits with every second snare; the backing vocalists should be panned more agressively or be louder... and so on.
Then we feel disappointed for having released the song.
Is that normal for musicians, or is that just crazy me?
And what do the listeners of the music think, what if they could constructively shape the future of the tune, assuming there was another chance at re-releasing it?
I would be quite interested in listening to the views of my "fan base" for lack of a modest reference, and of fellow musos as well.  Any thoughts?

Someone might even say that having doubts about the way the tune turns out is not good PR to be posting on a public forum, what to speak of one's own promotion website.
But what if I told you that I don't care too much about that?  In fact, I've reached a point where reputation doesn't matter to me any longer.  I just want to do things well enough that I am internally pleased with the quality that I put out, even if nobody buys my music.  Am I crazy thinking like this?  Perhaps!
So then why am I still producing music and hoping people might support me putting potato curry and rice on my Lord's altar and then at my family's dinner table (and not that music really does this these days, honestly)? :-) Anybody has any ideas?
Well, having said all that, watch out for my latest release coming tomorrow. :-)
Oh and this time I'm not the lead singer. In fact I don't sing at all.  I just produce the music.  The singer is, wait for it, my beloved mother-in-law!  And oh have no doubt!  Despite her age she can sing to break the pride of a peacock!
If you listen to the music carefully enough, you will also hear me cutting my fingers on the strings of the bass guitar though (pardon the blood).
And as we always say in great happiness:
Hare Krishna!


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