Hi friends, Hare Krishna!
A lot has happened at Gaura Records over the last few months:

1.  Yogan has released "I Just Wanna Get To Know You" which he wrote in 2002, now for the first time for digital on-line purchase.  There are 3 versions from the release: a pop, ballad, and pop remix.

2.  Yamuna Jivana dasa has re-released "Every Town and Village", from 2004, now in digital format  for download, with newer tracks in this digital release.  The remastered songs now sound bigger and more complete.

3.  Free tracks can be claimed from our albums if you subscribe to our mailing list, so go ahead, become part of the Gaura Records family.  We only post occasional announcements and you do not receive posts from other members.

4.  As of today, Gaura Records now has a published Band page on Facebook:
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5.  You can send us E-mail right from the website as well, and you get to choose your favorite artist: Yogan or Yamuna Jivana dasa! :-)

As always, thanks for visiting us again.

From the folks at Gaura Records:
Hare Krishna!


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