Yogan releases new motivational single: "Dream"

Hi there, and Hare Krishna.
Yogan is about to release "Dream", a tune that will motivate anyone irrespective of their goals and desires.
The songs have just been sent to our on-line team to prepare for release, which should happen in a few days.

So this is your heads up, sneek preview!

Want to improve your determination in the new year?
Just got to give up smoking?
Want to put more effort in building your business?
Or simply want to take your spiritual side more seriously in the new year?

It can go beyond your dreams.
Or, as the song's  punch line chorus says:
"You only have to dream,
Take a moment and be free,
And believe that anything can be achieved.
Keep your focus and in time,
Your dream will come alive...
You only have to put your mind and soul into it,
Work towards it,
Never give up!"
And there you have it, the song chorus even before the song is out.

Hope you like this release!
Check under Yogan's audio page, when you head on over to the website:
And while you are still waiting for this newest release, well, you will also find our previous albums which you can purchase to complete your collection, of "Yogan" or "Yamuna Jivana dasa", each having their own audio page, so whoever you prefer! :-)
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