Notes to screen-reader users

While we have made every endeavour to make this website accessible to screen-readers, the accessibility really depends on the website design templates we use from HostBaby, so we have found ways around such limitations by providing alternatives on this page.
The navigation bar contain links to the various pages which Jaws can see. There are also links to "skip to navigation", "Skip to content" and "Skip to side bar". The Skip to Sidebar seems to not work with Jaws virtual cursor, but using Heading level 3 should get you there. Just press the number 3 key on your keyboard with Jaws virtual cursor active and you will get to the sidebar navigation.

From the links on the navigation bar, you will find a "Contact me" link. This will present you a form to send me a message, but before the submit button there is a security code visual challenge.  Unfortunately you will need sighted help to read this code.  Hostbaby does not provide an audio challenge.  I have asked for them to implement one, but until they do so we are out of options on this one. Also, to sign up to our mailing list, from the sidebar described earlier (#3 on the keyboard from virtual cursor), there is a simple edit box to put in your E-mail address and hit the "Join us" button.

Now for challenges for which we have implemented design fixes!

With Jaws, you will not know about embedded Videos on the website, because Jaws cannot see IFrames which are used by HostBaby to show embedded video on the website. I have worked around this - see below.

NVDA is a free screen-reader which does allow you to see all the embedded videos, but it does not read the video titles. It only reads the source address of the link, which sounds like a bunch of garbage numbers and letters, so you will not know the title of the video although you can press Enter on it to load.

Having said that, whether you use Jaws which will not see the embedded video, or whether you use NVDA which does see them but does not tell you the video titles, I have also inserted a standard link below each video frame, which any screen-reader will definitely see. This link will open the video directly in Youtube.

So, anywhere on this website, if you see a link to a video with your screen-reader, you can hit that link to open it in Youtube, and also you can assume there is an embedded video above it that Jaws does not see but which now is redundent since you can use the link instead.

The "New Videos" page is also inaccessible because it contains a playlist of our videos on Youtube embedded on this website, also using IFrames that Jaws cannot see. So here is a link for that same playlist directly on Youtube.   Since the "New Videos" page is nothing but an embedded version of the playlist on Youtube, you will always see the same updated videos from this link as sighted users will see from the "New Videos" page, so you will miss nothing.

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