One Day Style

by Yamuna Jivana Dasa

Released 5/1/2017
Gaura Records Audio
Released 5/1/2017
Gaura Records Audio
This song aims to get people thinking about the value of the human form of life and how to best utilize the opportunities we have given to us in this life.
Most of the world is going on Auto-pilot, with no contemplation on where we are heading as a society. Yet, we have little idea that when we turn our attention inwardly we will find the highest satisfaction by realizing that we are essentially souls eternal, who can become happy in contact with our source, the supreme Lord, in a beautiful unending relationship.

Minimizing the external sensual world of trying to enjoy the body mind and senses, we find a deeper fulfillment inside, which this song tries to reveal through the lyrics and through the rap section. It's a typical Hiphop rhythmic track, something the youth can identify with, while still presenting a deep message for inner contemplation and higher thinking.

This song then is a perfect combination for tomorrow's leaders to enjoy and yet take a message of life with them moving forward.

My thanks to the late Bhakta Ishmail who composed/performed the rap sections of the song, and for giving us permission to showcase his talent for Krishna Conscious rap, here at Gaura Records Audio. May he make spiritual advancement into his future, though he has moved on from our physical association, having left this world some years ago.

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