I Just Wanna Get to Know You

by Yogan

Released 04/30/2015
Gaura Records Audio
Released 04/30/2015
Gaura Records Audio
He saw her and it was love at first sight, but how does he find the words? In this song, which I wrote in that situation, and claimed my beautiful bride from Guyana, half way round the world! So even if he can't write songs, this one is up to the task!
In the year 2002, I succeeded in reaching the Top-50 finals of South Africa's very first Pop-Idols Reality TV show. I was nocked out during the Top-10 semi-final round, but by that time I had received a lot of publicity through the show. It was then that I wrote this song, with the hope of releasing it. I signed up with a local record label, but was disappointed only to find they would not fund or market the release, even though they claimed rights over the song (and over my life too!) through the next 5 years!
Since then the song fizzled away as life went on, well, until I found out about CDBaby's offering and their many distribution channels.

Now the song is finally back to a "Real" release, and I am really excited and happy to share it with the world!

So what's up with the girl I wanted to get to know?
Well, during the Idols competition, I met this girl who got kind of close to me during the Idols contest. I was finally nocked out during the top-10 rounds, and immediately after that happened, she lost interest in me. I then wrote this song "I Just Wanna Get To Know You", hoping it would win her heart back. Well, she never showed up again for me to even sing it to her! I guess you can't always be first time lucky!
12 years later, I used the song again, and well... won the love of my life, who gave me two handsome sons and makes me happy day after day! I released this song on her birthday.

So if I, a blind guy can do it, surely he can too!

Usage tips:
1. Send it to her as a birthday or valentine gift, with flowers or chocolates or her favorite perfume;
2. Invite her to dinner, privately or at a public dining, and play the song as a surprise;
3. If you think you have a good voice and are up to the task, sing it to her at a public setup, or if you dare, privately! Be sure to have tissues at hand to wipe her eyes, and be ready with a gift, possibly this song on CD, or her favorite music collection including this song which will hopefully become your meeting song!
4. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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